Sunday, 2 July 2017

Strengths Vs Weaknesses

So the other day I was in a meeting at my daughter's school and got asked the following question:
"what are her strengths?"... I was actually quite taken a back. I mean, we're always so quick to jump to the negatives or weaknesses not only in others but ESPECIALLY ourselves! Naturally, my answer to the question was "ahhh, her attitude" haha! All in good fun of course. On a serious note though, unless you're at a job interview, when else do you ever get asked about your strengths? And at that point you're trying to sell yourself so you're frantically googling the night before about endearing qualities employers find about potential employees. Even then you're still asked about what your weaknesses are.

As a society, why are we so quick to judge? Why are we so quick to point out the negative or weaknesses of others? Is it just human nature? Or are we all just so judgmental and forever doomed in thinking negatively about anything and everything? Because, seriously, that's what I feel like it's come to. There's so many posts on social media and news stories about tragedies and especially when it involves children. I'll admit, I've been there, I've been the judgmental jerk who is gobsmacked and thinks I'm so much better than that person or that situation. I think we've all had a bit of that in us. But do you know who most of the people are that are so quick to judge? It's usually a story about a mother and, yep, you got it! Other mothers bashing down on her. Keyboard warriors at their finest. Social media can be a very cruel place.

I always try to see the good in people... some people are harder than others to accomplish this! I've been a total tool-bag sometimes too, some people just rub you up the wrong way or you get a funny feeling about them, or a weird vibe. Then there's the other side of it - we're our own worst enemy. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and say to yourself "I like what I see"? Yeah, probably a blue moon ago or hardly ever.

So what can we do to recognize our strengths instead of our weaknesses? I've started by making a list. Lists are amazing! And this literally took me 1 minute... if I actually took my time there's so much more I could add to this list.
Notice the top of my list? I'M ALIVE! Be grateful people. We only live once. See your strengths, tell yourself something good about you everyday... even if it's "I put mascara on today" "I need coffee because I have children whom I love that keep me up at night"

Whatever your strengths are, learn to recognize them! Because, mumma's, I guarantee your children think you're the strongest person they know.

Here's to creating chaos! *chink*

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